laminate floor

New homeowners or anyone undergoing a remodel or renovation in their home need to consider what type of floor is the very best for their home. Considerations include your lifestyle and whether you live with children and pets. You will also want to consider costs, durability and of course, style.

Homeowners often choose one of carpet or hardwood when it comes time to install new flooring in their home. These two types of flooring have been the most popular for many years.

Of course, there has been another option for years and that option is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is a cheaper alternative to hardwood floor.

Of course, the common assumption with anything cheaper is that it won’t have the same quality as something more expensive. This assumption was entirely accurate for several years after laminate floor was first introduced but in recent years manufacturers have made several improvements to laminate flooring.

You will now find that laminate floor is almost as durable as hardwood floor. Laminate floor will not last the entire lifetime of a home like hardwood floor can but it will last 15-20 years or more if cared for. That is twice as long as carpet.

Laminate floor requires very little maintenance cost as well. You will want to dry mop it and wet mop it each week but it doesn’t require professional cleaning. This is not true of carpet. It is necessary to schedule carpet cleaning each year and sometimes more often for heavier traffic areas in a home.

In terms of installation, you don’t have to pay a professional to install laminate floor. Laminate floor is a fairly easy DIY installation project that you can complete in a weekend depending on the size of your home or the area you are installing the floor. This is not true of hardwood floor which requires professional installation to ensure the boards stay in place for many years.

And of course, the material cost of laminate floor is much cheaper than hardwood floor. Sometimes laminate floor is as little as half of the cost of true hardwood materials.

You might still prefer hardwood floor over laminate because hardwood floor still has the best durability of all options and it has luxurious tones and finishes that can really improve the appearance of a home but if you can’t afford hardwood floor and want a close alternative, laminate floor is starting to bridge the gap in quality and surpasses carpet in almost all factors besides warmth and comfort.

You can find laminate floor for purchase online and at all major flooring stores and some hardware stores too.

For instructions on how to install laminate floor, visit this website for a helpful tutorial or watch the video below: