wood shingles

Are you planning to replace your old roofing material with the new one? That’s definitely a great idea. But most of the homeowners find it little difficult to choose the right material for their roofing needs.

The cost of roofing depends upon the type of shingles you choose for installation and they also vary in quality as well as appearance.

So, what type of shingles you want to install at your home? If you find it a little difficult to answer this question then it is good to go through the details below.

Here we are going to discuss various types of shingles available in the market; probably the meaningful details about them will help you to make a decision.

Types of Roof Shingles:

  1. Asphalt Shingles:

There is no doubt to say that Asphalt shingles are one of the most commonly installed roofing materials due to their quality and affordability. They are a great choice for homeowners as they have standardized energy star ratings and can suit to all weather conditions.

This budget-friendly roofing solution will help you to save more without even making a compromise for quality. Asphalt shingles often serve for 20-30 years hence they are rated high for their durability.

  1. Wood Shingles:

Cost of wood shingles use to be higher than asphalt shingles and at the same time, they appear more stylish choice for homeowners. Professionals rate them high in terms of aesthetics.

If you pick anything from redwood or cedar material then these roof shingles are going to serve you well at least for 30-50 years. If you have more budgets, you can prefer to go for wood shingles.

  1. Tile Shingles:

Tile shingles are preferred more due to their stylish appearance and Spanish feel. The great news is that they can serve you for longer lifetime, almost for 80 years with higher durability.

  1. Fiberglass Shingles:

Generally, most of the homeowners prefer to find shingles that can ensure utmost durability along with long life service. Fiberglass shingles are one of the top-rated options to meet these requirements. The fiberglass shingles are made up of several mineral fillers that make them waterproof and fireproof. These qualities make fiberglass shingles the best choice for your home.

  1. Slate Shingles:

This material is often installed in the North-eastern side of U.S. These shingles offer estimated service span of around 50 years with higher durability and they are also best in terms of leakproof service.

There are two common choices in this category; you can prefer to install real slate shingles for higher durability whereas synthetic slate shingles are a much better choice in terms of the budget-friendly solution but their lifespan is shorter.

  1. Organic Shingles:

These shingles are generally made up of wood chips, paper, rags and recycle cardboard. They are rated to be heavier than the fiberglass shingles but are not that much long-lasting.

However, they appear to be an inexpensive solution to homeowners and can also ensure good waterproofing. But these shingles are not useful for areas that suffer more temperature variations and humidity changes.