wool carpet

We recommend using sustainable and eco-friendly materials during home repair projects and home care services. This includes the materials you use to design and decorate your home. This includes flooring.

Despite the recent popularity in hardwood floor, carper remains the most common type of flooring in most homes. The problem is, the most popular types of carpet are made of synthetic materials harmful to the environment and sometimes harmful to the health of your home. Your best bet for safe and sustainable carpet is to choose wool carpet for your home.

It requires less energy to produce wool carpet than synthetic fibers. This reduces your carbon footprint on the environment. After a decade or more of use in your home, wool carpet is both recyclable and biodegradable afterwards so it serves a purpose beyond the time it spends on your floor instead of just filling up space in a landfill somewhere.

There are several benefits of wool carpet beyond the fact that it is both sustainable and eco-friendly. Here are reasons to consider installing wool carpet in your home:

Your Health

You can improve the health of your home by installing wool carpet. To begin with, carpet is the better choice for allergy sufferers than hardwood or tile floor. When you choose wool carpet, you go one step further and improve your home’s health even more.

Wool carpet is both hygenic and non-allegenic. The fibers will deter the growth of mold, bacteria and dust mites in the floor.

Wool is also the safer choice for your health as its texture leads to better grip as well as better posture. This can help to prevent slips and falls and can fight off back pain in the future.

Your Wallet

It is true that wool carpet can cost more money upfront but you will save more money in the long run as wool lasts much longer than synthetic carpet fibers and materials if you give it the proper care. You will come to find that wool carpet is even flame-resistant too!

A wool carpet can last well over a decade or even more if you vacuum it several times each week and hire WoolSafe® carpet cleaning at least once every 12 months. This will help ensure you get the most value out of your wool carpet purchase and installation.

Your Style

There is no question that wool is an extremely luxurious type of carpet. The feel of wool is very soft under your feet and very comfortable. The surface will appear much cleaner too as wool will resist stains and dust and conceal other debris and dirt in its natural protective layer.

You will love the look of wool carpet in your home and your family and guests too. We don’t know a single homeowner with wool carpet that regrets it and many people that have synthetic carpet will replace it with wool soon after they install it because they know wool will be better.

If you don’t want hardwood floor and you want to help to protect the environment, you should consider wool carpet for your home.